Docker Tag

Docker Tag


Tag Name        Compressed Size     Last Updated
2.19            4 MB                15 days ago
latest          4 MB                15 days ago
2.13            4 MB                a month ago

tux@slitaz:~$ docker run -it slitaz/slitaz-base:2.19

Unable to find image 'slitaz/slitaz-base:2.19' locally
2.19: Pulling from slitaz/slitaz-base
986f76552751: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:da483e839a6ab53e68c48dab8449b1fb6ad2f6167b5c894fdf3074bca1cca774
Status: Downloaded newer image for slitaz/slitaz-base:2.19

root@2b3c5287b346:/# tazpkg -l

List of all installed packages
busybox                    1.23.2        base-system
gettext-base               0.19.4        base-system
glibc-base                 2.19          base-system
ncurses-common             5.9           base-system
slitaz-base-files          309           base-system
tazpkg                     5.3.3         base-system
6 packages installed.

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